From Prati di Tivo 1450 m (4757 ft) through la Val Maone

Difference: 1135 metri (3723 ft)

Time: 4 hours

Difficulty: Escursionistic

From Prati di Tivo square take the road to SW for 250 m (800 feet). A green barrier indicates the beginning of the path. Follow the muletrack that first goes through a forest to descend towards the Rio Arno creek. Once you get close to the waterfall follow the path on the left side towards south and enter the Val Maone (valley). Follow the gorgeous scenery overlooked by the mountains of Intermesoli on the right (West) and Corno Piccolo & Corno Grande on the left (East) up to the Capanne (huts) 1957 m (6420 ft), where shepherds could find a shelter more than a century ago. Here the valley opens on the eastern side to Campo Pericoli. A little further you will encounter a forking where it is possible to turn on the left to visit Garibaldi Refuge. If you keep ascending to the pebbly ridge of the cirque you will reach Portella pass 2260 m (7414 ft). There you can see the ridge on your left (East). Follow it to the peak of Portella mountain 2385 m (7824 ft) and in a few minutes you can join us in our Refuge.




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