This page is still under construction, all the information that you can retrieve here is not complete yet. Moreover, to be safe you must be able to depend on your experience as a mountaineer and on the level of your physical strength. Don't rely just on your GPS, it is always advisable to have a paper map of the area.

03 - Western summit of Corno Grande 2912 m (9553 ft) from Campo Imperatore
04 - Western summit of Corno Grande 2912 m (Via delle Creste da C. Imperatore)
05 - Western summit of Corno Grande 2912 m (Via Direttissima)
06 - Pizzo Intermesoli 2635 m (from C. Imperatore)
08 - Vetta Orientale del Corno Grande 2903 m (Via ferrata Ricci e Via Normale)
10 - Monte Brancastello 2385 m
11 - Monte Corvo 2623 m (from C. Imperatore)
12 - From Prati di Tivo to Franchetti refuge through Val Maone and Garibaldi refuge
13 - From Provvidenza lake to Prati di Tivo
14 - Centenario Path (from Vado di Corno to Fonte Vetica)



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