The Refuge

The hut, owned by Club Alpino Italiano, was originally built in 1908. Since then it has been refurbished several times and was completely remodeled in 2007 summer. There's heating, electric power, and non-potable water for kitchen and toilet use. The water is pumped from Campo Imperatore through a pump and reservoir system, which constrains us to a severe economy that doesn't allow showers.


On the upper floor are two cozy bedrooms - one which can accommodate 15 people on bunk beds and the other for 9 people on wood planking - and the manager's lodging. All beds have comfortable mattresses, comforters, and blankets. For hygiene reasons it is mandatory to use a personal sleeping bag.


The kitchen of the refuge is homely and offers typical dishes from Abruzzo and the mountain side: like polenta, soups, braised boar stew with polenta, braised sheep and typical plates of local charcuterie and cheese. If you need to replenish the calories that were lost during the hike you will always find a slice of strudel or any of our homemade desserts.

Cafe and Restaurant

At the entrance, one part is reserved for the cafe, where guests, upon their arrival, can drink hot tea or fresh beer. They can also enjoy our desserts or taste our regional grappas and aromatic herb or fruit liquors. In the dining room you will find comfortable tables for eight people each that can accommodate about 25 people to taste our dishes in a local ambiance.



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